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Quality Policy


The company DOMILEKTRIKI IKE, which is trading in the field of supervision and construction,of public and private technical projects, aims to achieve the absolute satisfaction of its customers, by providing highly leveled quality services with absolute respect to the environment , and to the healthiness, wellness, integrity and safety of our employees.

The company's commitment is:

  • The satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of its customers and all interested parties, the absolute coverage of the agreements and tοcultivate a highly communication level.
  • Τhe assurance of a safe working environment for its employees and associates, preventing work accidents and diseasesin the workplace, the elimination, the minimization of any kind of dangers during its activity and to ensure its business continuity.
  • The faithful observance of contract terms and the complete complianceto existing legislations and regulatory demands.
  • The optimal utilization of the capabilities of its human resources, the knowledge, infrastructures and equipment.

 In order to achieve all the above commitments, the Management of the company DOMILEKTRIKI IKE has planned, installed and applied an Integrated System for the Management of the Quality and Health & Safety at Work according to the requirements of the standards ISO 9001: 2015, & ISO 45001: 2018 which is perfectly adapted to the corporate culture and strategy and the company goals.

In this context, the Management of the company is committed to:

  • Continuous monitoring and focusing on the needs and expectations of its customers, all interested parties and the absolute coverage of the respective agreements, needs and expectations.
  • Providing high quality services.
  • The maintenance of a highly communication level with its customers, suppliers and partners by creating a good cooperation atmosphere.
  • Compliance to the existing legislation, regulation demands and any other type of commitments governing its operation.
  • Continuous assessment of the threats and opportunities presented and undertaking appropriate actions to response or utilize them in order to improve the quality of services provided, to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, the operation of the company and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, Health & Safety.
  • Providing all the necessary resources, tools and information to provide high quality services in an operatingframework,fully respected to the environment, healthiness and workplace safety, including properly trained and experienced human resources.
  • Encouraging the active participation and consultation of staff in matters considering improving the quality of services provided, and the protection of health and safety during their work.
  • Long-life training, information and awareness to its staff on quality, health concern and safety issues.
  • Establishing measurable targets, considering the quality, health and safety of its employees and the effectiveness of the applied quality management system, with the aim of a continuous improvement.
  • Providing healthy and safe working conditions, as well as all the assigned measures and means of protection with responsibility and full respect to the employees, society, which aims to prevent work accidents and diseasesat the working environment, as well as to eliminate or minimize the risks, during its activity.

The Management of the company urges all employees, not only to systematically implement the Integrated Management System, butalso to consult and actively participate in its continuous improvement, based on the principle that every employee who is close to any problem is materially responsible. to make an improvementsuggestion.

The Company’s policy has been published throughout the company, on its corporate website and consists a basic part of staff training, in order to remind the company of its objective goals, in terms of quality and health and safety issues. Company's executives and staff are familiar with the requirements of this policy and their active participation and efforts made for continuous improvement, makes the company proud.